Bewator Access Keyfobs

Buy OnlineBewator are now part of the Siemens Building Technology Division who specialise in all areas of building automation from fire safety to power and access control. The standard Keyfob or Tag range use 125 kHz proximity technology. The Keyfobs and tags are hard wearing and ideally suited to hard working environments.

Bewator Access KeyfobsAs with the Bewator Access Cards the tag technology is available in both active and passive formats. Active formats use a lithium battery to increase read range to 75cm. They are generally used on the SI-HF500 and SI-BC5511 systems the IB-911 Hands Free Active Key Ring Tags can be purchased through our online store. Also available are the passive IB-961 Key Ring Tag. These tags have a read range of 15cm and can again be used with the used on the SI-HF500 and SI-BC5511 systems.

Siemens also supply the ABR5100-TG proximity key ring tags along with the IB44-EM and Self Adhesive IB-45-EM Tags. We can also supply metal split rings for Keyfob attachment.

The IB-961 and IB-911 Keyfobs can also be used with the SI-Entro and Si-Pass systems. Keyfob are usually added to the system by use of a desk mounted enrolment reader. | Saved Sunday, January 31st, 2010 - 5:03 PM