Cotag Access Cards

Buy OnlineCotag Access Control Cards are available in a range of formats including active long read range proximity cards, passive close range proximity cards and printable ISO standard proximity cards.
We have the facility to provide card printing solutions for these cards using various options if required.

The Cotag 928 has a credit card size area but is slightly thicker than a standard credit card due to the inclusion of a lithium battery that allows extended hands free read ranges of around 100cm. We can print self adhesive overlays for these cards to turn them into Staff ID Cards or Generic Visitor Passes. A passive short read range version of this card can be supplied in the Cotag 968. These cards are also referred to a clamshell cards due to their two part mouldings

Cotag Access CardsDirect printable cards are available under the Cotag 958 series. The 958-102 Passive ISO Prox Card is a blank white printable card with out magnetic stripe and the 958-101 comes with an un-encoded magnetic stripe. 

Cotag Cards work with the following reader types the PR100, PM100, SP100, HD100-2 and HF100 series readers. These readers are used on the SiPass Entro, SiPass Entro Lite or SiPass Granta systems.

We have a large range of access control card accessories please call us and we will be happy to help you choose the best options for your card use. | Saved Sunday, January 31st, 2010 - 5:03 PM