Cotag Access Keyfobs

Buy OnlineWe supply are range of Cotag Keyfobs for use on your access control system. If access control cards are not being used to provide joint visual staff identification along with building access Keyfobs are an ideal solution. They can be attached to car key and house key sets which will help ensure staff arrive at the premises with their access token.

Similar to the Cotag Access Card range these fobs are available in both active long read range and passive short read range types.

Cotag Access KeyfobsThe Cotag 961 is a passive short read range key ring tag typically reading 25cm with hands free reading heads and 10cm with passive proximity reading heads. It is manufactured in a tough polycarbonate case.

The Cotag 911 is an active key ring tag that gives read ranges of up to 75 cm with hands free reader.
A vehicle tag the Cotag 970 is available to allow automation of barrier and card park entry and exit systems. These attach to the underside of a vehicle and are read by loop technology reading heads.
The Cotag 940 is a wrist tag personal identification product for use in Healthcare applications. It gives a read range of up to 2 metres for non accompanied tracking and access. | Saved Sunday, January 31st, 2010 - 5:03 PM