HID Access Keyfobs

HID provide probably one of the most comprehensive ranges of access devices and identification tokens.  HID’s proximity tag offering covers the following products:

MicroProx Tag - 1391 - Measuring 33mm in diameter theseBuy Online self adhesive tags use HID’s standard 125 kHz technology. The self adhesive allows the tag to be attached to non metallic devices giving the device HID proximity technology.

They are very useful to provide upgrade routes from older card technology such as magnetic stripe of WeigandHID Access Keyfobs formats by simply attaching the tag to your existing cards. They can be programmed to any HID proximity format. They can be used to tag cell phones, PDA's and other similar items to allow for tracking of these units. The adhesive is a strong industrial 3M product to securely affix the tag. Surfaces should be clean and dirt/dust free prior to attaching.

ProxKey II - 1346 - These highly durable HID key fobs are resistant to cracking and breaking.  They operate on a 125 kHz frequency and can be used on all HID proximity readers. They can be fitted to a key ring offer very consistent read ranges. They are very light weighing less than 8 grams. Key rings are sold separately.

If you are not sure about you Keyfob format send us one and we will identify it for you.

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