Bewator Access Control Cards

Buy OnlineBewator produce a range of access control from Compact Card Readers and Code Locks through to the DC 800 and SiPass -Entro systems which offer a higher level of security. Their basic magnetic stripe reader is the BC615. This can be used in a standalone format using the keypad to enrol magnetic stripe cards and as part of a system with the SiPass. We can supply the IB-1 Bewator Cards for these units or custom printed cards for you to program in. The BC615 can also be installed to use Cotag and EM4102 technology cards. We can supply Bewator IB-968 Pre-programmed Passive Proximity Cards and Bewator IB-958 ISO Thin Passive Cards to work with these readers. The IB-958 can be printed using dye sublimation and thermal printers or printed to your custom requirements by us.

Bewator Access CardsWe can supply IB-928 Bewator/Cotag Active Clamshell Cards. These are fitted with a lithium battery to allow complete hands free operation. We can supply printed overlay for these cards for use as Identity Cards etc. An advantage of the Bewator Cotag technology is that passive IB-958 and IB 968 cards can be mixed for use on a system using IB-928 cards. The IB-958 is also available with a magnetic stripe (IB-958M) to allow for integration with other card systems. The SiPass Smart Card Readers can be supplied to use 13.56MHz Mifare cards for further interoperability.

We also supply cards to work with the older BC-402 Readers. These readers use an IB-402 Master Cards and Shadow card pack in conjunction with the IB-1 Cards. | Saved Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 - 4:31 PM