HID iClass Access Cards

HID’s iClass range of Cards are optimised to using 13.56 MHz technology which provides a very versatile card platform allowing support for multiple applications. They are useful where functions such as ID, Access, Cashless Vending and PC log on security are required on one card.Buy Online
200X iClass Cards- These read write contactless smart cards can be direct imaged by dye sublimation or thermal transfer. They are available with 2K bit, 16k bit and 32k bit configurations. They can be supplied with magnetic stripes, barcodes, anti-counterfeiting features and pre-printed to your requirement.

202X iClass Prox Cards - Again these card can be used for a wide and diverse range of applications additionally they combine  the 13.56 MHz contactless technology with 125 kHz proximity technology. This allowing you to use and existing HID format card system  and add 13.56 MHz functions such as cashless vending and similar. They can again be provided pre-printed and options for magnetic stripe and barcodes.

HID Access iClass Cards213X iClass Embeddable Prox Cards - Available with or without 125 kHz technology these card allow the embedding of a choice of smart chips in addition to custom print and other card features. They are available with 2K bit, 16k bit and 32k bit configurations. 

204X iClass Weigand Combo Cards
- The iClass Weigand Card integrates 13.56 MHz technology with Weigand technology. The card is suitable for use with all Weigand readers and can be printed on using dye sublimation or thermal card printers. The 13.56 MHz technology is available with 2K bit, 16k bit and 32k bit configurations.

2080 iClass Clamshell Card - This contactless smart card a cost effective ABS moulded shell construction. It uses 13.56 MHz technology. It can not be printed on but printed self adhesive PVC overlays can be provided to allow for use in photo ID etc.

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