Impro Access Cards and Keyfobs

Buy OnlineImpro SupaGate, Multiscan, IXP 220 and IXP 400i systems are available in the market place and provide access scales. Single door entry is provided with the SupaGate product. This is aimed at the domestic and small commercial access market. It can support 99 card holders and uses 125 kHz passive technology.  It is available in three configurations SupaGate Lite, SupaGate and SupaGate Plus. It also support pin code entry in some of the 10 reader formats.

The next level product is the IXP 220 scalable system this can support up to 256 doors and 10,000 card holders.  It can support up to 1000 independent sites and provides for integration with other systems such as IP based camera systems. A number of reader formats are available for this system to allow it to use 125 kHz, 13.56 MHz, Biometric, Infrared and Weigand readers.

Impro Access CardsThe IXP 400i can accommodate u to 3000 doors per site. It can operate over 255 sites per system with 300,000 Card holders per site. It is suitable for large enterprises such as Universities, Hospitals and large industrial sites.

The standard Impro GB/TOC901 access card can be used with the 125 kHz readers on these systems. It is credit card size and comes slotted for attachment of a clip, badge reel or lanyard. Its read range is approximately 6 cm.

Mifare format 13.56 Mhz cards and other card solution are also available.

Sometimes referred to as the ImproX Omega Manchester Tag the GB/TKX900 is a robust RFID tag. It is manufactured to provide a trouble free long life of operation. This is achieved using a fully automated direct bonding manufacturing process. The tag has a loop hole for key ring attachment.  It measures 4.5 cm by 3.7 cm and is 4mm thick. Weighing only 4.4 grams it is also very light. It uses 64 bit encoding and uses a EM4001 compliant chip. The tags can be used with all IXP 125 kHz access readers. The tag is manufactured under ISO 9000 standard systems.

Impro also provide Infrared Vehicle Tag transmitters GB/IVT900.  125 kHz Adhesive Tags the TOL900 can be used to identify and track assets and other items. The adhesive will stick to a variety of surfaces and it rated to 65 degrees centigrade. The ImproX Quad XQT904 transmitters have a built in 125 kHz passive access device whilst providing 4 button transmission for remote activation of gates etc. A rectangular 125 kHz key ring tags manufactured in ABS is also available.

If you are utilising a different format reader or tag on your system please call us to discuss your requirement. | Saved Sunday, January 31st, 2010 - 5:02 PM