Pac Access Cards

PAC produce a range of access control platforms from the stand alone KeyPac Solo and EasiKey to the iPAC and PAC Secure Net products. They also produce a range of EasiNet Residential packages and OneProx Stanley branded range of access solutions. We only supply genuine PAC Cards andBuy Online Tags.

KeyPac Solo Cards

PAC-20018 KeyPAC Solo ID Wallet containing 10 KeyPAC Proximity Cards & 10 Shadow Cards.
PAC-20021 KeyPAC Solo Mastercard Set contains 2 Master Cards

Pac Access CardsPAC OneProx ID Devices

PAC-21039 PAC ISO Proximity Card Pack of 10
PAC-21041 PAC ISO Proximity Card with Mag Stripe Pack of 10
PAC-40033 Magnetic Stripe HiCo Cards Encoded Pack of 50
PAC-21030 KeyPAC ISO Proximity Card Pack of 100
PAC-21031 KeyPAC ISO Proximity Card with Magnetic Stripe (not encoded) Pack of 100

PAC Smart Card

PAC-40090 PAC Smart Card Pack of 100

We can provide high quality custom card printing on most PAC cards along with useful card accessories. Our badge reel and badge reel lanyard combination provide for easy card presentation to your card readers. If you want to print your own cards in-house we can supply card printer packages to suit your requirement. Please call us if you need help identifying your PAC Cards. | Saved Sunday, January 31st, 2010 - 5:06 PM