Paxton Access Cards

Paxton Access Cards are supplied to work with the three Paxton Access Platforms.

 Net2  Systems - The Paxton PC software based solution.

Switch2 Systems - A standalone access solution that utilises a separate door controller device.

Buy OnlineCompact Systems - A standalone system in which all of the door control function is inbuilt into the card reader device.

The Net2 Systems can utilise the following cards which can all be purchased from our online shop:

Paxton 690-333 Net2 Hands Free Key Cards.  Non Printable.Paxton Access Cards

Paxton-692-448 Net2 Proximity Card with Magnetic Stripe and Signature Panel ISO printable. 10 Card Pack .

Paxton 692-500 Net2 Proximity Card no Magnetic Stripe or Signature Panel ISO printable.  10 Card Pack.

 Paxton 693-112 Net2 Proximity Clamshell Cards Non Printable. 10 Card Pack.

 Paxton 695-573 Net2 Magnetic Stripe Cards ISO printable.  10 Card Pack .

To add cards to your system you will need to use a Net2 Desktop Reader to enrol the cards.

We can supply a custom printing service for Paxton Cards- Please call us for details.

The Switch2 Systems and Compact Systems can utilise the following Key Cards again these can all be purchased from our web shop.

Paxton 870-010G Net2 Air Key Card for Switch2.  10 Card Pack.
Paxton 0830-010A Proximity Cards Pack Amber. 10 Card Pack.
Paxton 0830-010G Proximity Cards Pack Green. 10 Card Pack.
Paxton 0830-025G Proximity Cards Pack Green.  25 Card Pack.
Paxton 0830-050G Proximity Cards Pack Green. 50 Card Pack.
Paxton 0830-100G Proximity Cards Pack Green . 100 Card Pack.
Paxton  875-001G Cardlock User Card Green. 10 Card Pack.

To add cards to your Switch2 or Compact System you will need to present your existing enrolment card to the reader followed by the new enrolment card supplied in the pack. All cards in the packs come with shadow cards to bar the associated card. We can supply additional formats and type of card for Paxton Systems please all us if you can not see what your require or need assistance in choosing the right product. | Saved Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010 - 9:37 AM