Paxton Access Keyfobs

Paxton Access Key Fobs are supplied to work with the three Paxton Access Platforms.

Net2  Systems
, Switch2 Systems and Compact Systems.

Buy OnlinePaxton Net2 systems can utilise the following Keyfob. They will need adding to your user record via use of a Paxton Desktop Reader. Paxton 695-644 Net2 Proximity Key Fobs Blue Band in packs of 10. Paxton 660-100 Net2 Proximity Self Adhesive Disks Pack of 10. They disk can be attached to cards or other item to make them compatible with the Net2 System.

 Switch2 and Compact Systems can utilise the following products. To enrol Keyfob pack you will need to present an enrolment card from an existing active pack to the reader and then present the new enrolment card. This enrols all the key fobs in the pack. To cancel a key fob the shadow card for that Keyfob need presenting to the reader. It is important to log details of issue on the shadow card to be able to cancel lost key fobs.

Paxton Access KeyfobsPaxton 820-010A Proximity Key Fob Pack of 10 Amber

Paxton 820-010G Proximity Key Fob Pack of 10 Green

Paxton 820-025G Proximity Key Fob Pack of 25 Green

Paxton 820-050G Proximity Key Fob Pack of 50 Green

Paxton 820-100G Proximity Key Fob Pack of 100 Green

Paxton 860-010G Net2 Air Keyfob Switch2 only pack of 10.


We can supply other key fobs pack as required including un-encoded fobs. Please call us if you need help with products.


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