TSDi Access Cards

TDSI produce a range of Infra-red, Magnetic Stripe, Mifare and Proximity cards to suit there access control systems. We can supply these in standard or custom printed formats.

There unique Infra-red Buy Onlinetechnology cards come in the following formats:

TDSI Microcards

4801-0003-Microcard 8-digit for TDSi IR readers - TDSi artwork
4801-0005-Microcard - TDSi Artwork + HICO magstripe unencoded
4801-0008-MicroCard Plain White
4801-0009-MicroCard Plain White with HiCo Magstripe Unencoded
4801-0183-Chubb Compatible 6 Digit Plain White MicroCard
4262-0218-Microcard - Plain White card + Laminate Overlay
4062-0080-Infra-red keycard

Also available are dual technology cards in this range using the Microcard technology with proximity or Mifare technology.TDSI Access Cards

Proximity Cards

4262-0245- Proximity Card Plain White

4262-0247- Proximity Card with HiCo Magstripe unencoded

We can encode card magnetic stripes in the format you require. We supply also a range of their 1K and 4K Mifare cards both plain and printed for applications that utilise the access card in other systems such as cashless vending.

The standard HiCo magnetic stripe TDSI card 5502-0002 is also available from our online shop.

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